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Job Opportunities

Clatskanie Parks and Recreation has the following job openings (2/23/2023):

You can request an application by phone at 208-249-7144 or by email at
Applications and resumes can be returned by mail to: Clatskanie Park & Recreation
District, PO Box 737, Clatskanie OR 97016 or by email to

Clatskanie Park & Recreation District is now accepting applications and resumes for a Pool Manager.

Responsibilities: Train, manage, and evaluate approximately 20 lifeguards; beginning in
February and continuing into September. Plan, organize, and schedule programs offered at our seasonal outdoor pool. Be responsible for scheduling adequate staff for the safety, supervision, cleanliness, water chemistry, and mechanical operation of the pool for youth and families in our District. Maintain pool and employee records. Perform such other duties as assigned by the District Manager and/or Board of Directors from time to time.

Knowledge and Skills: Strong administrative skills, recreational aquatic programming skills, leadership and managerial skills, pool maintenance, and water chemistry skills, and good public relations skills are a must. Thorough knowledge of policies, procedures, and equipment used in daily outdoor pool operations is helpful. Work with pool-related chemicals and be familiar with State and Federal regulations regarding outdoor pool operations.

Experience and Training: Experience preferred. Or the willingness to work within an agreed-upon time frame between the applicant and the Board of Directors to obtain the required and suggested certifications for the position; First-Aid, CPR, AED certifications, Lifeguard Instructor and Training, Water Safety Instructor and CPO (Certified Pool Operator) certifications.

You can request an application by phone at 503-728-2757, by email at or click on the application link below.

If you have any questions, please leave a message at 503-728-2757

Applications with resumes will be accepted until the position has been filled.

Pool Manager Job Description and Job Application